Credit to @UKTesco where it's due ...

Recently, we had our second online shopping fail from Tesco.

Having dinner guests and a manic weekend, we decided to order lamb shanks, as they are easy to 'pre-prep'. So, conversant with the wiles of internet shopping, she orders six.

Email confirmation comes, and is always checked, everything ordered is as is expected 6 lamb shanks confirmed.

So, delivery comes 0945, delivery chap friendly helpful as ever, your order is complete (meaning no replacements or unavailable items). Shopping brought in, delivery van leaves, then .... 1 lamb shank?

Receipt with delivery, 1 lamb shank, email with original order, 6 lamb shanks?

So, wife, not the shy retiring type, phones up the customer services line and gets the run around, being passed from one operative to another then cut off. Not only was the air blue, war was being declared.

Being marginally social media savvy, I send these two tweets.

Where within a few minutes I get this response.

Naturally the DM conversation, contains some personal information, which wont be shared, they ask me to 'wait' and will get in touch.

Then 40 minutes later, we get a call, to mobile of my wife, its the social media team, they have spoken to the manager of the delivery store. Would delivery at 3pm be convenient, which it was. This was followed up by a tweet*.

Not bad, impressed indeed.

14:45 comes, knock on door, and the lamb shanks appear ...

So, the moral of the story, if you don't get immediate satisfaction, tell the whole planet about it and include the social media team of the errant retailer.

*Note, they have not mentioned payment, if they deduct from the card, fair enough, it is want we wanted (not that they have yet?)


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