Willingly do, but seldom think ...

Amongst my many chuckles in life, it witnessing the hapless efforts of those that do, do as asked but divorce this from common sense. The net result is some half witted effort that is often damaging to others.

In the world of standards verification there are many rules, but the first rule is not to follow the rules but think. The rule may be right, but the resulting action from the application of the rule could present the rule giver with unexpected and unintended consequences.

Often because they did not bother to explore the situation in any depth and discover that there may be more (or sometimes) less to a situation than first appearances may dictate.

Once situation was an application of a rule, which was vocalised in a meeting, by someone that should have known better. Unfortunately this was one of a series of meetings. In mine, a later session, when hearing the utterance, I challenged the idea and helped them discover that the reality would turn that rule into a epicentric disaster area.

Sadly, the rule applier, for whom i had to unclutch the centre involved from their throat, did not have the experience (or presence) to challenge the utterance and blithely applied the rule without consideration.

Now, one sore verifier and one annoyed centre, sad isn't it.


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