Zombiecratic unnovation ....

When you are in a position of knowing that the system that is supposed to support you has less backbone than a quivering Squid, solving problems become a matter of wit and guile.

Having considered some of the solutions one has resorted to, in the accomplishment of ‘problem solving’ and ‘opportunity seeking’ would possibly put grey hairs on some less determined souls.

I have formed the opinion that large organizations are generally directionless beasts. The CEO may lead, but the assembled mass beneath them often lurches along unaware of the motivation.

Worse, is when the leadership demands ‘entrepreneurship’, ‘innovation’ and ‘new business’. Now having been in the position of finding it and seeing the culture fuck with it, I have to wonder if that is what was actually wanted.

In some respects, if it is being asked for, it is almost the opposite of what is actually wanted (or understood).

If an organization asks for innovation, does it want it? If innovation is at the heart of its culture, it would know how to implicitly cultivate it without going out to the assembled masses and demand this.

Being (and having been) involved with multiple large (in their sphere) organizations. I have formed a new term, where each of these organizations have “zombiecratic unnovation’.

Think about it, if you can innovate something, surely it can also be unnovated. Somehow, innovation is too easy and it takes more skill, discipline and genius to unnovate something.

As awards are given for innovative practice, we could have an award for unnovation, when an organization or possibly an individual has gone above and beyond the call, to thoroughly piss on an otherwise excellent idea.

Often through the efforts of nameless Zombiecrats, the unnovation is probably affecting you at this moment.


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