Competitive edge ... @worldskillsuk

I have spent the last two days judging competitors in the IT Security challenge at the Skills Show. Everyone else competing in the Cisco Networking Microsoft Technician and IT Support disciplines were going for Gold, Silver or Bronze.

For the four competitors I had the privilege of co-judging it is a different story, they are competing for selection to become the nations only representative at World Skills next July. For these souls, they don't only have to survive this selection, they will be 'selected' as two from the four so that the remaining two have to compete again in March to be the 'one' who goes forward this summer.

You cannot avoid being aware of the Olympics ... in a similar vein, World Skills has been running competitions every two years since 1948 and having over 50 nations involved, it is the skills olympics.

Here apprentices, college students, junior employees, undergraduates all compete to show who is the best of the best against a worldwide pantechnicon of skills.

From IT Security to Confectionery, from Aviation Engineer to Florist and so much more than I could share. Here we have tomorrows workforce and professionals competing to become often better than many of us are now.

When I see asinine media reporting on our 'so called' feckless youth, I am angered by the negativity that hides the majority of hard working motivated souls who do give a damn and more importantly are desperate for that chance to be the best of the best and represent our nation.


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