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Recently my wife and I went on a last minute package holiday to Spain, so impressed were we with the experience I posted a review on Tripadvisor, which goes ...

If lunatic asylum is your preferred vacation choice, then as a recent bewildered visitor I wouldn't hesitate in heartily recommending our hotel we century visited.

The prospect of relative quiet promised by the holiday company and supported by their use of trip advisor, only makes our experience the more amusing, in the sardonic sense naturally.

Starting on the positives, it is a well maintained hotel, it has everything you need. If you are on an all-inclusive package, the food is reasonable (not gourmet but reasonable none the less) and the bar flows from 10am until silly o'clock if liquid refreshment is your passion.

Once you become used to the assault of the noise level, as my wife and I are. You may enjoy your stay. We found that headphones work a treat.

Coming in November, we avoided families with noisy children and the young adults out for a good time. Nothing wrong with either, to our mind I think that we would mutually agree that we cramp the style of each other.

Finding ourselves on the younger end of the adult population, made the experience all that bit more surprising. It is as if some of the residents were visiting their second youth but forgot they behaved better the first time around.

With the drunken couple fighting in the room next door at 2am (she was attacking him) to staggering aged post-ethanol zombies before noon. I would not dismiss our destination but suggest that you shop around for hotels. If becoming a zombified walk on part in, your own hangover hell is what you are striving for, then by all means, come here, you will surely fit in.

Most of the time we chatted to reasonable, considered and enjoyable souls who could have a great time without excessive excess. By all accounts from many frequent visitors chatted to, this would seem to be a changing experience of this hotel.

Having to get security to sort out the 2am cage fight with Madame Tyson next door, we did chat to our rep about our overall experience, lovely soul, whom one day may develop a backbone.

Alas the rep Could not comprehend that his travel company uses Tripadvisor to rate the hotels it uses.

... It is a shame really, it could have been better, noting that Tripadvisor has now published this review with its 1 out of 10 score.

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