Packet Tracer on a Mac ... over 200 community participants and rising ...

Before you get excited, no Cisco will not be releasing a version of Packet Tracer on a Mac in the near future. The pervasive nature of Windows and Linux and the cost of Macs against the other technologies makes this an unattractive proposition.

After some initial work with virtual machines, it was soon clear that the 'ideal' solution involved the use of WINE bottlers.

At this point if you are not geeky and wondering what I am on about, may I suggest google, its a great tool.

Having used PlayOnMac and WineSkin, I am impressed with the number of community participants that have joined the effort to check, test, tweak, share and mutter about the installation of Packet Tracer on a Mac.

With Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion in common usage there is some finer tweaks occasionally needed. I have already beta tested PT6.0 and am pleased to report that it works in context.

If you have not installed Packet Tracer on a Mac, please come to it is a by request group, we take all applicants so long as you play nicely.


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