24x7x52 navel gazing ...

No news used to be good news, now no news equates to a continuum of navel gazing media atrocity. Often offending my eyes, ears and intellect, not that I feel that I am able to claim much of the latter.

Before I get some dimwit posting an inane comment that I will only have to sarcastically retort; I do not dislike the news. I detest the need for the news and media machine to churn and churn it does:

Once something breaks; they seem to need to get every angle on something that can only be served once. Recently with Hurricane Sandy, there was a whole churn on what if the meteorologists got it wrong; they didn't, then this thread went quiet.

Now we have churn on the election, the electoral impact of the storm, the marathon, the power lines, the aftermath and the situation of the residents of New York. How the americans are coping, not coping, should cope, could cope with a different system, would cope better if they changed or not or ... shit I lost the plot.

The impact of the storm is newsworthy, the damage, destruction and loss of life is newsworthy and notable, the churn looking at every angle is bordering on disrespectful.

Yes, the situation is difficult, but how many stories can be told.

When you listen, read or watch the news, take the time to consider how any programme or article presenting this information can be reduced to the facts only.


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