Call centres without resorting to Tourette's ...

Do you wonder sometimes if some call centre operatives have agreed to the surgical removal of their frontal lobes. Over the last week I have needed to speak to my bank and mobile phone provider on more than one occasion, nothing particular to report in this respect, but the levels of dimwittery have ranged from 10 to 11 on a ten point scale.

Once you get into their heads by careful repetition the basis of your call; surviving the regurgitated security questions, they seem to suddenly adopt the persona of having been the all seeing oracle able to answer your mortal request.

I have three contracts with the same phone provider; they called my daughter whilst at college in spite of the fact that we have told them not to contact this number. The frigmarole in getting this into their heads was pure entertainment.

"You were uncontactable sir", um did you try the other number?
"That did not work either", um we both have full bars and have had other calls such as our daughter telling us that you called her ten minutes ago?
"Silence, then it must be regarding your unlock codes", I asked you to email me.
"Maybe you did not get the email?", it is my work email, it works perfectly (and does).

After some flannel we educated the intellect (or lack thereof) that it was a courtesy call after an upgrade of our daughters phone.

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