Today's random thought, well maybe not so random and chances are that it is not much of a thought. Nevertheless, have you ever appreciated that any establishment that puts the word quality or gourmet in front of their business title or use these terms to describe their fare are more often not the best quality and definitely not gourmet.

Think about it?

If a hotel is called "quality hotel", is it? I doubt it, if anything it tends to be the opposite.

When you are in a new city looking for somewhere to eat, does the term gourmet endear you to the belief that it w ill be your best ever culinary experience. Chances are this wont be the case, unless you are someone that thinks you can comparatively grade different fast food chains.

So, how does this link to my views on education?

As someone who often blogs on the quality of education in our nation, I leave you with a sobering thought. We don't use gourmet, we avoid overt use of the word quality. Yet often we hear phrases like "quality is at the heart of what we do", but when you dig they pay little heed to the value of the education they offer. I encounter many educational establishments obsessed with their ofsted grade, yet seem to misunderstand the meaning of teaching vs offering a real understanding of the subjects they deliver.

Gourmet education is not the ability to rote regurgitate dimly acquired facts, gourmet if it is a word one has to use is about the value of the ingredients put into the whole learning and development of the individual.

If you have to say that you are good, in my world of education, it tends to be otherwise. If you have to shout shout your grade and status, I am more inclined to think that you have misunderstood what it's really about.

Cynical experience peppered with the expedient lens of seeing who actually teaches and which organisation is better at playing games with "quality" grades.

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