Watch the twittersphere

In spite if the rhetoric prevailant since new years day the UK electorial system kicks in the moment the present incumbent seeks permission from the monarch to dissolve parliament.

Following the media and my somewhat patchy understanding of the process, the starting flag is waved and the hype escalates until the 6th of May.

Putting aside my cynical inclinations (which one must admit are nice to have in a democratic state) i intend to follow the Twitter feeds of the major and sensible contending parties and twitter commentary.

Now you may ask as to what useful purpose this may serve. With some pundits already critical of politicians trying to "engage" with the younger vote (something I could have been considered a long time hence) the interest is in what information is being shared and the frequency according to date.

May have to pipe into a file format so any tips will be greatfully considered.

And importantly see if they are talking to the youth are making a genuine attempt to use another open access communication medium to share their political ideals.

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