So what is on the idiot box tonight?

Sixteen months and the Idiots Lantern still has not been missed by the Smith household. Please don’t get us wrong, we have not totally isolated ourselves from mammon and taken any rash oaths against technology.

We were becoming increasingly annoyed at the low standard of programmes, the constant repeats, and general banal content available. We had a good ‘cable’ package, but this, did not satisfy.

With high speed internet, we found we were selecting the programmes we wanted to watch, when we wished to view them and not bothering with our HDD / DVD recorder.

Each family member has a computer.

So, we ejected the goggle box and moved to on demand entertainment. The result is, instead of watching more television, we watch considerably less, listen to more music, radio etc. Most weeks we are now out at least three times a week and the teens tend to watch less. We do rent DVD’s on occasion and will buy those that are of considerable interest. No more than any one else.

At this current moment I am listening to some of my favourite music (Black Sabbath) and obviously typing this blog entry.

Giving up the idiots lantern is giving us more time to do what we want, whenever and still allowing us to watch our favourites. (Will catch Dr Who, not always at the exact moment of broadcast, but normally within 48 hours).

Consider giving it a try, reduce your television, vision, read a book, its much nicer.

Andrew Smith
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