Ethical Hacking .... Is it?

If you want a group of security geeks to get hot under the collar and watch them physically split into two factions, then the best metaphorical grenade to lob into any discussion is the subject of ‘ethical hacking’. You invariably get one camp who are anti, maintaining a view that you not get ethical muggers (or similar). Then the others, who feel that you understand how to secure any system, you must demonstrate a strong understanding of how to break a system.

With certifications now available in ethical hacking and some organisations refusing to recognise these, the debate will continue.

But, ask yourself this, if you are to be a successful network security professional, what level of ‘renegade’ skills do you need. There is an adage exploited by Hitchcock, ‘it takes a thief, to catch a thief’.

Andrew Smith
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  1. there's another old saying...thieves make the best coppers :-)


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