That was the week that was, was it?

Talking to someone about the prevalence of the MP3 format, I recalled a birthday party (mine) in the late 90’s (1998 to be exact) where I built a media centre [way before time] and had Winamp shuffling a range of personal MP3 files. From my perspective it was nothing particularly spectacular at the time, MP3 files had been on the Internet for some time and most teccies I knew had been using this file format for some time.

So, consider my amusement that nearly all the users had not heard of this file format and had not used any of the tools available at the time to download these (or convert their CD’s as I had done).

Now over ten years later, a little older, maybe not so wise. Everyone is using MP3 and similar format devices, from phones to home entertainment systems and car stereo players.

What may be an area of geeky enterprise at the moment, often through marketing, cost, adoption and availably becomes a second nature tool.

So what is next?

Andrew Smith
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