More hype at the political hustings

With less than ten days to the UK general election the political mud slinging is becoming more febrile with attacks from all parties against all parties, their leaders, the media etc.

Whilst this is normal and all part of the great game, no one political mantra, mandate or motivational speech has yet swayed me.

Whilst my personal politics probably aligns with the centre of British politics, my personal view is that the party that represents this has never been a serious contender during my voting life. To this end I will happily admit that I have been a floating voter looking at the local candidates, their political party and gauged what I feel may be the ‘right thing’.

Not that this is an exact science.

Listening to all the reports, the rhetoric and reviews. I will be very interested to see what may happen. Where in the past a change from one party to another was inevitable, now I can see a situation where the national mood is weary and wary of each party and concerned at whom may lead us out of our current economic misery.

Andrew Smith
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  1. I'm floating too. I would, like you, lean towards the traditional 3rd party (though not at the moment if you believe the polls!), but I'm really struggling with their Environment policy. I don't think such an over-reliance on renewables will be enough. Wind technology is variable at best, and I don't want to see our nuclear energy capability lost. We are just about hanging on to decent engineers in the North West at the moment but if there's no more nuclear then I fear a brain drain :( I continue to float for now!


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