Counting, swimming, splashing, mind wandering.

Yesterday one was participating in a 5 kilometre swim for charity, after a while of splashing, counting, swimming and remembering to breathe when your head is above water your mind has very little to do except wander. At this distance, your mind gets plenty of chance to do this.

Have you ever considered how you manage your own learning?

I am not minded to doctoral students, undergrads or college kids. This is a question for everyone. How do you manage your learning?

Consider that we are a species with an insatiable desire for knowledge, either individually or as a collective. It is in the nature of all to learn, from sticking objects in our mouth as infants to detailed analytical scientific research. A great deal of research focuses on ‘learning behaviours’ but tends to forget that we simply desire learning. It may be shrouded in studies of motivation, but what of learning we do for the sake of learning and self fulfilment.

So ask your self this question, what new can you learn today, it does not need a purpose, but I am sure it will be personally fulfilling.

Andrew Smith
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