Doing the math, things don¹t add up for Digital Freedom in the UK

An avid follower of the current Digital Bill that has gone through the house of commons. A sense of dismay not only at the fact the bill has passed the current reading, more my personal anger at the apathy displayed by members of parliament, keen to canvass for their seat rather than intervene on a bill that is not only unworkable but will allow government to make victims out of victims (those who have been hacked and are unwittingly hosting an illegal download, will be targeted).

Taking a look at who has voted (see and equally interesting is the fact that the link on the Parliament site has seemed to have moved [not that I am paranoid but ...].

The ‘noes’ listed about 47 making it around 215 involved in the vote, therefore in a parliament of 646 at least 430 were absent from the vote.

Personally I am not angry at those who voted ‘aye’, for whatever their motives, they expressed a view and are prepared to be on the record for their views. The 47 (or so) who voted against the bill, excellent, I am pleased your convictions lead you to attend. But for the other 400, I must share with you a hearty thank you, your apathy may affect many reasonable law abiding individuals who lack the necessary technical skills to protect themselves from the ability of the average hacker (teenage or otherwise).

The house of lords are currently debating the bill, but legislative process allows commons to short circuit lords. Me thinks we are walking into a world of limited civil liberties (or are we already there?).

Sadly my local MP is not on any list, shame.

Andrew Smith
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