I think that @facebook proves why we need teachers ...

I think that Facebook (and other social media services) offer unequivocal proof of good teaching - by seeing evidence that some of us have either missed valuable lessons at school, were asleep when the subject was being covered or that it was never covered at all.

Think about it - how many times have you seen posts shared, shared again and sod it shared umpteen times that contains:

  • Science that does not exist
  • Facts that are simply not true
  • Tests in logic that are illogical
  • Maths that rely on knowing some principles
  • Grammar, Spelling that rely on knowing some principles

We know (at least I know) that many of these images/posts are click bait - yet I see some souls who I assume to be of modest intelligence posting them. If you are unsure, check out the fact first before sharing this rubbish - it may seem plausible - yet it is likely that it is not.

It is fair to say that some of these opportunities enable us to learn by research and a little critical thought. Occasionally we all have to check our own understanding and make sure that we are sure that what we think is true as well as learn something by the process of checking.

Please do not feel smug if you can add/subtract and know mathematical notation the same applies to grammar snobs. Please do think about what you are sharing - and if some poor teacher years ago tried to ram it into your brain. Now to see that you are in with the crowd getting it wrong ---- sooooo wrong.

You may wish to find your teacher (if they are still with us) and write them a note of thanks.



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