Getting the delivery model right ... alright?

I am an external examiner (in HE terms) for a MSc programme at a university as well as a Foundation Degree with final year BSc top up at a Further Education (FE) College. There is a part of me that will always respect FE - part of my heart and soul is linked to education in this world.

The college in the south western peninsula of England (I am sure you know who I am on about) - isn't using new ideas. Yet compared to their higher education equivalent they are still years ahead and setting the pace.

It is all about getting the delivery model right - student centred timetabling. Instead of spreading the timetable over five days with patchy sessions. Get them in for two days a week. Intensify the experience, set the cost at the right level and what do we have:
  • Better attendance (maybe)
  • Students able to manage their time (maybe)
  • Opportunities for students to work and overcome their student deficit (definitely)
  • Clear time to study (not that they always use this)
  • Clear time to rest (as if we needed to tell them)

After meeting three groups, first years, second years and final year students - they had much to say, all predominantly positive with honest sensible observations. Each group without prompting offered the positive of how their time was being managed (via the timetable).

Worth thinking about isn't it.


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