Degrees of separation and why Facebook is very wrong ...

I am sitting here writing this post and actually annoyed with the Facebook findings - while the data is valid, the connection of 3.57 between individuals also valid it ignores a number of practical very obvious facts.
  • Not everyone uses Facebook
  • Facebook represents around 1.59 billion users
  • The planet has 7 billion souls (give or take)
  • Not all accounts are active on Facebook
  • Some souls have multiple accounts
  • Under 13s (should not) have Facebook.
  • There are other social networks - that are used in preference.
Looking at the above figures, around 22% of us use Facebook - not many is it!

Now stop and think, if you and are are 3.57 connections apart - you must know someone that is not using Facebook. I can think of quite a few. Ask around, you will be surprised at who prefers to opt out.

At your end, add 1, and at my send lets add another 1, as these souls are not connected. 3.57 + 1 at my end is 4.57. Take my 4.57 + 1 extra soul at your end means that these unconnected souls are at 5.57 degrees of separation.

Not too far from 6 is it, 6 degrees of separation is now closer to 5.57 as a result of Facebook. If we are Facebook users, then it is true that we are 3.57 apart - so dear Facebook state the facts not your opinion that the world has gotten a little smaller.


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