Are you getting the people you need or the people you deserve?

Let us ponder the following thought:
Are you getting the people you need or the people you deserve?
An interesting thought (at least it is for me) - when you have pressured deadlines and put out a call for collaborators/participants with a short timeline for response or availability. Are you getting who you actually want/need or are those able to respond and be available individuals that would be better suited to working on your competitors project.

From a self centred perspective, I have received a number of ‘participation’ requests recently for national projects that are clearly in my area of expertise. However the timelines are silly, with requesters acting surprised that you cannot wrangle a two day sized hole in your diary with only a couple weeks notice.

Miracles are possible, however my ability to work them is seriously flawed.

If you are under pressure to get souls involved in a project - please explore why you are in this situation and how the demands will always get you less than you need. There are experts out there, they are popular so you need to plan ahead and maybe you can obtain them/


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