Egads I found myself defending McDonalds Salads (in the UK) and hating churnalisim even more ...

Complete this web search on McDonald's Kale Salad depending on your locale you will get reports from different news sides, such is the nature of search engines. However - lets stop and think about a couple of sentient facts before we get all excited about the salad that has more calories than a Big Mac.
Yes - it is true, McDonalds in the United States have introduced a salad that has more calories than a Big Mac. ONLY in the USA, NOT in the rest of the planet - they are using parmesan shavings (nice) which does bump up the calorific value. So when you pop off to a nice restaurant and consume a decent Chicken Cesar, the chances are you are consuming the same (if not more calories). So, let us think a moment how bad McDonalds actually are? 
Many of UK media sites are churning out the same report - from a news agency no doubt and forgetting to add salient facts like. Currently only in the USA and also not yet here in the UK.
If you can use the Interweb and check the McDonalds site in the UK, you will see that the worst salad with all options is around 300 calories. With optional dressing it increases to 360. Nutritionally better and still fewer calories than a Big Mac.

Please - whenever the media churn out dismissive missives, please check some facts. More and more as the Interweb enables redistribution and syndication - wrong ideas quickly settle in the minds of many easily undermining the potential for a sly salad at the golden arches.

I am no fan of McDonalds - but I will eat there and I do think that a sense of proportion and factual evidence is requires.


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