Damaging words ...

Speaking to a compatriot from another university, I heard dismal words today about the shenanigans of a national 'apprenticeship' provider within the IT sector. After completing a six month stint as an 'apprentice' (which is a joke in itself). The poor souls caught up in this scheme are being told that their vocational qualification meets the requirements for degree entry.

It would be ok, if they were having a proper apprenticeship (with an employer for 12 to 18 months at least) and using a recognized technical certificate. But from what I understand, the qualification they are using may be at Level 3, but lacks the necessary UCAS points.

Now some reading this would think "well did't the apprentice know this", this you would think is the case. Instead, with this collection of souls who all came to the university at different times during clearing shared the same story.

The chief executive told me during a presentation that my qualification would get me into university.

The compatriot is not given to many wild tales and this is recollection from earlier this week. Out there, we have young souls (as these ten are likely to be the tip of the iceberg), being duped about their future and given a poor tale of what opportunities are available.

What makes me angry, the sort of angry where you actually want to punch them in the face. Is that all this so called training provider is interested in, is the bottom line. They will sign up to any scheme and milk it for the profit, not caring much for the human collateral spewed out en route.

The victims here, thinking that they have gained something of note to start them on their careers are instead left despondent and possibly dispossessed.


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