Discrimination ...

Listening to a radio comedy show at the moment, discussing the current cases of religious discrimination taking place in the European courts.

Being an experienced cynic and most likely having a very liberal view of faith. Some of the issues at hand tend to be subjects that present me with personal concern.

Wearing a cross, fish or any emblem is a personal choice, but in making these choices you also make a declaration. As a football supporter takes a risk wearing their team colours on opposition turf, is this not the same of anyone of any faith.

If you want to make your declaration, you are making this in front of those for as well as against.

So, when you are challenged, when there is opposition, should you be surprised?

You may think that in this country, we are free to be 'Christian', but we seem to forget that we have also fought for the freedoms of others to be free to be 'not Christian'. We want these liberties, but suddenly become very emotional when others express their own liberties.

I do occasionally wear badges, I do declare what I am, but don't expect others to agree, should you?

As for the right for those of faith to be able to choose not to serve those whose lifestyle they object to. Um, get real, they can do this to you. If you want the freedom to object, then expect them to have the same freedom. So, if you wear a badge of faith, then some of them may behave in the same manner as others have from your faith has been treating them.

Or is your viewpoint only limited to a personal worldview.

Bit limited isn't it.

Isn't this bigotry? After all, hasn't faith been at the root of many other wrong doings, war, greed, segregation, gender, race and sadly in more recent times the matter of sex.

As a person of faith, I tend to facepalm many times when it comes to those of faith, less often when dealing with others who don't declare faith. Sometimes I wonder if Dawkins, has a point, at least he has put some considered and considerable thought into his views.

When you have given your heart/soul in faith, there is no condition to say that you must also give your mind. You are still allowed to use your brain, whilst many will argue that you may not have much going on, because you have a faith. It's not about them, it is about you, thinking about what you believe and how this affects the way others see you when it comes to your faith.

In my mind, when the main article of our faith was happy to spend time with Tax Collectors, Prostitutes and Romans. Then who are we to judge anyone for their lifestyle; we don't have to intimately agree and copy mindlessly, but we do not need to judge. After all, what are we doing in our own lives that makes us perfect, I doubt you are, I am not and if you think that you have nothing to declare then maybe you are more the fool than I.

You are welcome to disagree ... but have you given your opinion any thought?


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