Bunking off of work for a wedding ...

Working in education over the years has had many benefits, but one that has stuck with me was the way one had to 'sneak off' to a friends wedding.

At the time, the presiding principal was of the 'ego'+'megalomaniac' persuasion; the year start events were a time to rally the troops and survey the empire. Which was at the time in a period of growth and success everywhere within the college.

Some personal friends, as is their want, decided to have their wedding on the 1st of September, all schools were still off, it was a sensible day, church available, all easy.

Except for me, to get a day off on the first day back for the imperialist further education college, now that was a challenge.

Chatting it over with my boss at the time (who like me, no longer works for the college in question). Getting the day off was not going to happen, it would equate to 'handing in of my notice', instead we had to go for the tactical sickie.

It could not be one day, it could not be sudden and unexpected, a story had to be worked up but not over the top. Sparing the dull detail, my sickness started before the day and finished after the weekend, with the wedding on a Friday, this meant that the sniffles had to be on the way during Wednesday. So allowed time off up until the 31st of August, means that i had to ensure that the last week of the summer did not include booked 'vacation' time.

Complex, isn't it.

It was a great day and lovely wedding and I recall making a website with many of the pictures by the end of the weekend (remember this was pre-facebook). Would not have missed it for anything and still in touch with the happy couple.

So, at no shame to my professionalisim, I do put other matters before work, when work is incapable of being reasonable, but supportive colleagues are able to help.

I did have a little think, I don't recall having much of a sickness record, if anything I am seldom off, ever, in current job, I think I had one day so far in the last 4.5 years.


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