Broadcast thyself ...

How did we cope in times when we were unable to broadcast ourselves and share nothing of our exploits, true, hyped or fallacious.

What did we do before email was easily accessible, how did we cope, unable to create a web page. Who considered blogging as a word ten years ago? Whilst chat, BBS and news-groups were all out there and were presentable resources before social media, who could have imagined the amount of interactive noise we could all create via Facebook.

Some now seek career paths as social media experts, but, will they go the same way as the milkman or soon to be defunct paper boy.

Using social media to broadcast this thought, there was a time where nobody shared and actually nobody really cared. Yet I have a following via twitter a community via facebook and others who view my blog alone. Suddenly a thought that could have been left 'wondering' has airplay and an audience to reach.

Broadcast thyself and be seen by all.


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