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Well that really was fun, and some of you in facebook land were joining in without realising what was happening in MK.

Speakeasy is a small but perfectly formed group of souls, all writers, all creative, all enthusiastic and talented as well (so would they have me as a member?)

Yesterday evening in the midst of my scheduled tweets, I had the privilege of sharing with a group of writers in Milton Keynes about some of my adventures with social media. Unlike these souls, I write in a more technical capacity, text books, content for my university and the occasional academic paper.

Through varied confluences of procedural nonsense, in 2010 I was presented with the scary prospect of trying to find 300 students in less than 12 weeks, and apparently they cant be plucked out of the air. Overcoming an emotional moment, gripping onto my loins, it was a case of get moving, get moving quick and use every tool at my disposal including social media.

With this in mind, last night explored the journey, more importantly the tools i used, all free, all easy(ish) to use and open to everyone with the need to promote their work on the web.

If you live within a 20 mile radius of Milton Keynes, I would commend you to join this merry band, they have something to say and a desire to get it done.


  1. Thanks for coming to talk to us last night Andrew, very useful and enjoyable!
    Louise Gibney

  2. I picked up some great tips last night. Thanks. I have added a few feeds to my twitter account, and am looking to apply some of your other advice.


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