Job titles I would like ....

After a slightly witty twitter banter with @willwoods (one day we will have a word for this type of exchange), i realised that there are a whole range of job titles that are missing from any self respecting organisation. I am willing to bet that you will get candidates queuing for these roles, looking for the kudos, CV fodder and less interested in the remuneration.

Accepted you might not get the right candidate, but thats what recruitment companies are for, so with this in mind, job titles i fancy:
  • Sith Lord and HR Director
  • Director of Misdirection (PR)
  • Master of the universe
  • Ninja Supervisor
  • Dark Lord of Quality Assurance
  • Payroll clerk and back handers supervisor
  • Certified Pirate and Cut-throat Catering
  • Character Assassin
What job title do you fancy ...

Currently mine is "Chief BullShit Deflector"


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