Educational nihilism ...

You know that moment, when someone says something that catches your attention, it is doomed to stick in your mind and enter a continual maelstrom of mental churn.

This was no negative comment, more a freely given observation.

Now if they are reading this, and chances are, they may be …. ‘hello’.

The observation was on anarchistic qualities. For them, it was entirely in one context, for me, I don’t disagree, but it has started this chain of thoughts.

“In education are there educational anarchists?”

Some home educators have laid claim to this idea, but what of the teachers, the educationalists, and the professionals?

In my professional realm, I often deal with rule-based environments. But innovation, lateral thinking and creative academic development is both lauded and lambasted in equal measure. Depending on who you ask and what notions you are challenging today.

Having often adjusted the interpretation of rules for many over the years and solving what others would have considered impossible. There may have been an element of anarchy, or at least a will to ignore conventions and avoid seeking permission.

Yet I encounter so many educators, who willingly deliver drivel, regurgitate old ideas and abuse the minds of those they are supposed to develop.

So, please, lets have more anarchy, if this will improve matters, then so be it.


  1. I studied an engineering and later a master degree, the second one was mostly autodidact and there were a lot of things I did just because the Professor said so, things I found useless.


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