Tech support fail ....

Son returns home, "Dad my phone earphone jack is not working", "I have tried other headphones".

As phone is under warranty, one calls the providers helpdesk.

Can we check the firmware version of your phone?*

Ok? You have to play along as anything that screws the call centre script often means that help desk becomes unhelpful desk support. 

One gives operator firmware version number, ahhhh replied the operator, its not the current version, it was updated last November, see if you can update it, we will email you the link to the manufacturers website.

After ten minutes of pfaffing around on the HTC site, no updates, nothing for the model of phone, and phone saying I am a happy updated very current chappy thank you very much. 

I look at the email sent, the current version the provider says is 2.10, we have 2.13 ….. sigh.

Back on the phone, provider is has now organized phone collection and return, to repair said issue. 

*If you are panicking at this point, after seeing some technobabble, firmware is the software that runs the physical hardware on any device.


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