The curse of the lemon farmers ...

I do like the proverb ...
"If life gives you lemons, make lemonade"
It does sum me up, it has the element of cynic and pragmatism all rolled into one.

Something I often encounter is teachers/lecturers/academics/idiots who complain about the situation they are in, the rules they have to work under and how they cannot do what they want. Some of my faves amongst the hand wringing drivel includes:
  • We don't have time
  • We are not allowed
  • But, I would get into trouble
  • It does not say that i can
  • Management wont support it 
Maybe successful teaching requires an attitude, at least I think so. If you want to have fun, teach the right subjects, just go and do it, don't ask permission. There have been times in my career that i have encountered friction as the ideas don't gel with those around me, but when the results say otherwise, then who cares.

Yes the current educational environment is tough, funny, but this is the case in many sectors, either be wimpish or take ownership. It can be done and from this you can deliver amazing things.


  1. Pragmatic, I like that idea but what about if you actually hate lemonade?


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