Read the criterion ....

Via various means I get the distinction of having to arbitrate when a centre asks what a specific criterion means. For a given unit within either the level two or level three qualifications.

Often this means :
  • They are trying to play me off against their standards verifiers (one of my team)
  • There is internal debate [which I appreciate]
  • Sometimes its a genuine (i do not know) question [which I also appreciate]
  • Or, they are trying to play off an internal verifier against the awarding body
Sometimes its quite inspirational, it shows they are thinking, questioning, innovating and challenging the conventional wisdom. More often its trying to buck the system to their own ends.

When they spit the question out, what is never appreciated is that once the arbitration is issued, that is considered the definitive answer by the awarding body. In a Machiavellian way, having enjoyed the transition from poacher extraordinaire to the gamekeeper that managers the other gamekeepers. I have occasionally seen some centres wince when they realise that asking the question has stymied their efforts.


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