A (big) question for @mweller @psychemedia and @AJCann .... and anyone else for that matter

Watching an amusing banter evolve from three people i follow on twitter (all at different times, yet there they all are).
Who would they bequeath their blog etc to as a result of their departure from this mortal coil.
Now, comes the interesting question, as often is the case blogs, our social media presence and our twitter memes are all effectively on space and resources owned by others. If I was to pop my clogs without leaving these in any last will and testament, therefore leaving @teraknor for example in testate, who would be able to claim ownership of this from my interiors.
Not that i think my teenage offspring are particularly interested in dads twitter, but lets pretend that over this they give a considerable damn and are willing to fight for it.
Who would get it, could they even make a claim for something that is clearly part of my living (future past tense) identity.
Answers on a 140 character postcard please.

Sorry @pyschemedia, accidentally pressed 'delete' on your comment, when it came to my phone, thumbs and no fingers


  1. I'm quite a big fan of transience. Sic transit gloria mundi.


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