Let us not lament the death of the Personal Computer (just yet) ...

When beige was king?
As global technology media lament the fifth quarter decline in Personal Computer (PC) sales, I am sitting here in my home office writing an article on one of many many different computers we have, wondering what the fuss is about.

Including the device I am using, I possess the following computer systems:

  • An Apple Laptop
  • An aging iPad - that still works as an eBook and travel companion
  • Many Raspberry Pi’s - one which is running as I write this
  • An XBox One - which is a personal computer with the singular purpose of being an interactive home entertainment system.
  • My smart iShiny telephone, always keeping me in touch with the rest of the world.

… and of course my old school PC using Windows 7.

Beyond my seating area is other consoles, media streaming devices, smart phones and laptops used by the rest of the family. Occasionally my adult children return home and bring their devices.

What is the point of this article, I am certainly not showing off, as there are many souls out there with a phantasmagoria of technology at their disposal. It is time that we understood that the personal computer in its traditional IBM AT format with over thirty years of use is beginning to show the test of time.

In a culture that has eschewed video cassettes, cathode ray tube televisions and much more. Everything moves on - it does.

The reality is that personal computers are still used, but many individuals like you and I want accessible, easy to use tech that works for many of our social and entertainment needs. The price has dropped, the tech is easily obtained. After all my mum is impressed with her ‘value’ android tablet.

Not everyone needs a technological behemoth that may sit there humming and gathering dust most of the time. They are more interested in lightweight, portable, accessible and easy to use tech that allows them to add remove apps with none of the fuss and bother personal computers demand. You can write emails, compose short documents, read most stuff and use that nice interweb thing from all manner devices - why would you want a personal computer.

The tech is not dead, it is simply not going to be popular with the average individual any more.


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