Are Smart Phones Antisocial?

It is easy to complain about technology - its easy to become critics of smartphone use especially amongst the young. Sometimes I agree - most of the time I do not. We are changing, it may be good, it may not. For whatever reasons you want to stick to the past, there are many trying out new ideas and new opportunities. 

Sony Walkmans, the antisocial scourge, iPods also the antisocial scourge? Yet I would rather have others keep their musical tastes to themselves while I listen to my own bad choices in music.

Are we approving of a child who has their nose in a book because it is a long established tradition - do we think less if it is a graphic novel. I recall tube travel in the 1980’s and 90’s when ignorant souls would stuff their broadsheets into my face - absorbing news, bias and hearsay.

There is an element of etiquette, there are times when young and old alike should be paying attention. Chances are if a adolescent is with a group of adults that you are part of and personally disconnecting by using their phone. You are all:
  • Boring
  • Not bothering to engage them in terms they understand

I can only wish for such distractions in my youth - remembering being bored silly in some social settings. At this point I hear some wittering soul babble that boredom is good. The bad news (for you, you still wittering fool) is that boredom often leads to mischief - at least for me.

So … are our youth disengaging via smartphones, or is an older generation still doing what it is good at. Boring our youth senseless. If so - please do become more interesting, engage with youngsters and you may find that some of the younger souls in your audience may both engage and have some very interesting things to say. 

It is worth a punt.


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