There is no secret to blogging ...

The art behind blogging is ...
  1. Think of something to write about
  2. Write about it
  3. Think of something else to write about
  4. Write about that as well
  5. Go to step 1
Sometimes you will have nothing to say, so don't; I am sure something will come. Sometimes you have plenty to say, this is good, consider how you may break it down into manageable quantities. There are many rule-of-thumb guides to article length. From my perspective, if it takes more than 1/2 an hour to write, it is going to take way longer than five minutes to read, then it is too long.

Long entries have their place, for people who have time, most articles need to be less than 800 words and take less than five minutes to read. We are in a 'bite size' medium, many are reaching your blog via their smart things, make sure they can read it.

I often discover readers in all manner of places. I have a reasonable idea of my reach and know which articles have done well and others that take their time. Don't worry about this, simply practice, write, practice some more and write again. 

You will discover what works, it takes time.


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