Candy Crush vs Sim City on an iPaq

So a very naughty member of parliament has been caught playing Candy Crush. What a bad person, with all the terrible things that are happening in the world, this has to be one of the worst. Nope, sorry let us scrub that last sentence.

Who hasn't been bored in a meeting, I know that elected representatives have to pay attention but who hasn't been bored in a meeting. We have all been to meetings that are called for the sake of having meetings. Some blowhard drones on or have us listen to cronies wasting time on pointless matters.

Many years ago in a previous role, one endured regular PM meetings on a Friday. Rather than actual fruitful discussions, they often turned into notice giving sessions and an opportunity for some of the weaker more unreliable members of the team to vent their inadequacies (you know who you are).

Around 05/06 having acquired a Compaq iPaq (do you remember the handhelds before smartphones), I had managed to install a version of the original SimCity on my device. Sound off, it kept me amused, often whiling away long trips etc.

However, it became my distraction of choice. One horrendously boring meeting, in 1.5 hours I reached an epiphany. In record time I had created an Arcology. Letting out a hoot of personal joy, everyone looked at me in stunned silence.

In a fictional stance, I looked across at my boss, smiled and said 'this was so pointless, I have just completed Sim City'. While used to my ways, they were somewhat dumbfounded.

No repercussions, no issues, no longer there.

So, if your meetings are so boring someone has to play a mindless game. Ask yourself, what are you doing with their valuable time. Stop it and think of a better way to engage their intellect ... even if they are a member of parliament.


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