Sprout bombing

I am thinking that there should be a new phrase that should enter the Christmas parlance of British folk.

This is the notion of ... Sprout Bombing.

Namely the noble art of introducing sprouts into somebody's diet without their consent or acknowledgement.

Having acknowledged our son's achievements earlier this year. The Smith family have been hell bent on a mission to encourage our daughter's consumption of the said green vegetable.

After some effort over the last few days. We have successfully dehydrated, powdered and inserted said sprouts into the salmon roulade starter today.

Not only was this a tasty treat; we have a gutted and annoyed daughter as well.

Please parents everywhere if you have children and young or old dislike sprouts. Please feel free to follow our example and commit yourself to a mission of Sprout bombing. Is still plenty of time the shops will have plenty in stock after Christmas.


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