Back on the Pi and programming

By no means an expert programmer, it has been some considerable time since I have stretched this muscle. Keen to explore and rediscover some old latent skills. I have been bashing away at my Pi today (pun intended).

Receiving a Raspberry Pi for Crimble; I immediately set about learning Python and refreshing my Linux Skills. Having installed the kit, updated the Operating System and created a comfortable working environment, powering the Pi off of its own USB hub, I was ready. Boxing day fun, here we come.

Getting to grips with the interpreted basics during the morning, working out some of the graphical, objected oriented and casting of types by lunch time. I am already getting my head around some of the nuances of sockets and running multiple shells. Which slowed me down a little.

I have a simple client server socket up and running, deciding that the SimpleHTTPServer object is far too easy.

So, what next ... more sockets then onto GUI components. I will revisit some of the coding principles. I am sure that I need to refresh myself on exception handling. I do have a project in mind, but need to work a seven year lull in coding back to fore of my mind.


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