My real professional pleasure ...

Having spent the last few days with some motivated, caring and capable individuals. I have to make a confession ... I miss face to face teaching. But before I get job offers or colleagues at the OU react to the idea that I am seeking new pastures.

I have no intention of leaving my current job, I like it far to much.

But, I do miss face to face teaching. Having worked in education for over 18 years. It is like a muscle that needs occasional exercise and it is nice to take it on a little trip and put it away again.

I must admit that it was fun this week, getting back to teaching some Cisco Instructors CCNA principles.

Partly seeing the grey matter fuse on some of topics. Partly seeing the penny drop. The banter, discussions, sharing ideas and finding different ways to help this subject make sense.

Looking forward to future instalments.


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