Progress with Python on @Raspberry_Pi ...

Five days since Christmas and between the festivities, family time and generally eating too much. One has been spending time on my new Raspberry Pi. My plan, was to create a 'echo' server. This is a tool that replies to each packet sent to it. Nothing new here, but something that could be easily utilised in teaching:

  • Simple Sockets Programming
  • Networking Fundamentals

The version one code is almost there, I wish to give it a try on some other platforms. But that is for another day. The idea is that a school could easily attach a Raspberry Pi to their network and using a combination of Wireshark and the Python based client, they could create interesting traffic on their network. With the added bonus of not scaring the network manager. Tho, I would bet that some network admins when it comes to encouraging educational development of our youngsters are born scared.

For those who follow my blog, I would appreciate some feedback before plonking this code on the InterWeb. I would like to understand:

  • What the best way would be to convey this 'opportunity' to teachers
  • Who would be interested in testing the code
  • Should it come with a 'teachers' guide, or should I assume that teachers get sockets programming
  • If I were able, would the world like a 'internet' facing version


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