Yep, another Christmas; Smith Family blog post ...

Well wasn't that a **** year? Please insert applicable term, based on how well you think you know us. Good things have happened, but this has been marred by the chaos imposed by a specialist college that shall remain unnamed (yet south of Hull, north of Boston and east of Lincoln).

If you need any perspective, go back to our post of last year ... or get to know us. Either will work.

To be fair, good things have happened. When you are looking through the lens of a challenging experience; they are harder to see.

Shirley's business a bun in the oven is slowly developing (or proving), she has delivered some group sessions. Shirley has also learned that a community group have acquired funding for more of her time and expertise. The group that started in September 2012 has been gently growing in this time, with sessions most months. Here lies a small community that encourage, learn and make different breads.

For Jeremy, he has progressed and developed professionally. Now at around 18 months into his professional experience. He now lives in Moreton in Marsh and working in the White Hart Royal. Technically his food has been improving; as parents we look forward to eating at the White Hart and when he comes home. There is always something new to try/taste and experience.

Victoria has seen considerable change, the college fell far short of any reasonable expectation. Meaning that she is now back home and having to think 'what next?'.

For Andrew; professionally the irons in pies continue. This year has seen a trip to Botswana as well as the Glasgow run becoming a biannual experience. Currently he is trying to nail a paper on simulation. Tho procrastination seems to be the order of the day. Andrew won a small competition prize through the Cisco Academy; it was a not unsubstantial gift card for Harrods. Something Shirley helped me use with deft skill during a short break in London.

As a family we have travelled around a 'bit' with Spain (L'Escala), Hungary(Budapest) and a quick jolly in Cornwall courtesy of work. As well as camping in the Cotswolds and time in Somerset for New Wine. The latter being an interesting and worthwhile experience for us, working with the 'our place' parents venue.

When it comes to experiences, Andrew was impressed with his father son time at the Black Sabbath reunion. Shirley had a days experience at the Paris House in Woburn on a bread baking course with full Michelin dining and time with the chef.

We are also into an undiscovered country; both children are now adults. Jeremy 21, as of August and Victoria 18 as of October. With this has come blessings and a new world with some of the 'bloody professionals'.

As to 2014, who really knows what this will bring. We are still regrouping after Victoria leaving college in July and comprehending the aftermath. One sincerely hopes that it will be less challenging than 2013; yet somehow this may be a little naive.


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