Reboot ...

Am I a cynic?

Yes, it has come with some considered practice, care and precision. One does not acquire this overnight. It has to be worked on with dedication and occasionally polished so that it doesn't tarnish.

I do think that education needs a reboot, not rewriting, not upgrading, improving or some frigging new quality standard applied. It just needs a reboot. Someone needs to apply a three fingered salute (ctrl-atl-del) and say to everyone ...

Lets start again and reload all the good things we remember. But ensure that the needless bloatware of the last twenty years isn't loaded.

There are so many patches, variations and deviations in our current education system. To be honest it is effing confusing.

No one has control, there is no continuum, even the Government does not have the final say. The result is that we have academies, federations of academies, free schools, ordinary schools and schools under local authorities and some mix of all that I have just shared.

Everyone is pulling in different directions, DFE, BIS, Ofsted, Ofqual as well as many self-interest groups there is a delusion that they are working together. The reality is no where near this.

Sadly the irony is, even with a reboot, new rubbish will eventually creep into the system.


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