Ensuring an upgrade path ...

Following an excellent conversation with some dear friends. A new educational organisational upgrade path has been discovered. Assuring quality standards requires a framework and with a framework comes iteration and version numbers.

Time to develop a new framework ...


... or CRAP. There was a time when working in education, I was subject to the ministrations of CRAP 1.0. A time when the organisation decided to rid itself of the teaching experts (after a successful second grade one inspection not long into the residence of a new CEO).

Over the successive years, with this excellent outstanding pinnacle of education. The organisation slowly descending, slowly eating itself, evolved into CRAP2.0.

After not having an inspection for some considerable time a culture evolved. Focussed on results, success and acquisition of more partners. Forgetting that it was a previous culture that brought them success. Allowing quality assurance and judgement to be left to experts who don't understand the subjects; nor products only the processes.

Then like some tale straight from Aesop, the fateful inspection came. A grade one college, plummets to grade three. Soon the wave (after wave) of redundancies. Now we enter CRAP3.0 and what a world it has become.

In this new world order of Napoleonic perspective; the CRAP3.0 quality framework culture is less interested in teaching. It is now manage, structure, restructure and chaos. I do pity those working in this culture, especially those who recall the halcyon days.

What does worry me is that I think an upgrade to CRAP4.0 is imminent; I am not yet sure what may be the cause?


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