Christmas Facebook Poem ... omnibus edition ...

During today (being Christmas Day), we have been releasing this poem in instalments. I do not pretend that this is the finest prose composed, it is corny and maybe painful. So what, here it is.

Its christmas morning in the Smith household
Not a single turkey in sight
Whilst one fowl breathes easy
Five others take fright

Its 8:30 in the morning,
The women still in bed,
Leaving father to write this dodgy christmas thread

Soon it will be time for breakfast
Our first set of seasonal treats
Stockings filled to brim
Have we hidden the amazon receipts?

Church service done, birth of Christ celebrated
Children having wild fun ...
Today isn’t only a pagan time
Christmas is for everyone

Time to open the main gifts
Time to remember
Knowing that our Son is working
So others enjoy their December

Lunch time soon, the Arnolds will arrive
A mince pie welcome
John and Yoko playing in the kitchen
Sharing and welcome is what Christmas becomes

Stuffed like a bird
Maybe a little absurd
Dr Who and Call the Midwife a must,
All hopes of diet, bust!!!

Seasonal cheer to all,
Another year passes, season to behold.
This is one story that will be retold.
Looking to the future, remembering the past.
Somehow Christmas is set to last.


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