A social media breather ...

Some of you who follow the muttering of this blogger, may be aware that I am working on the notion of teaching by twitter (well multi-platform social media engagement to be tediously precise).

Following the study calendar of a particular module I chair at the Open University. With Christmas, came a study break and therefore equally a social media lull.

I could have tweeted over this period; like spam emails there needs to be a time when the relentless automation of communications technology must cease. So, with this in mind we took a break from the 23rd until the 30th. Only interrupting this silence with an occasional 'seasonally apt' message.

Why, personally I think students must rest, our forums fell silent christmas eve and someone ventured in late Boxing Day (the 26th). They have so much to do, it is equally important that we reinforce this time and communicate the need for quality time away from study as well as when we must equally focus on learning.

If you are a social media PR, communications guru? Do you ever think about when your audience gets a break from your continuum of information?


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