Ergo; the shrugging shoulders of apathy

In reading my numerous rants, I am sure you have picked up the faint hint of ire in some of my posts infused with a generous hint of sarcasm.

Last week I had a frank conversation with a centre who has been delivering vendor certification. Frank in the terms that we are in agreement, frank, also in the terms that we can see some major issues and jointly frustrated that our mutual efforts seem to be of little avail.

Personally I find it comes in waves, you get a tide of optimism, can do mentality and acceptance. Even when participants don't always understand the detail but appreciate the importance of getting it done.

Currently it seems to me, that we are encountering a wave, best described as the shrugging shoulders of apathy. Souls on the whole not owning the opportunity and a community meandering aimlessly towards 2015.

Come Monday, I will reconnect with some of the activists. I would guess that many are having similar issues. Maybe its time for a cunning plan ;-)


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