My shiny iTicket ...

Not necessarily the most exciting post in the universe; but on a topic that tickled my fancy. For the first time, I was able to use my phone as a ticket on a flight.

Wow, you are all going, how amazing, some of you may say, along with other sarcastic comments I am sure.

I think for me, the point of interest is not in this ‘advance’, but with it the other challenges and opportunities it brings.

Consider :
  • Power, now I must ensure that my phone has enough juice at all times to present my ticket. iShiny owners understand this issue already.
  • That I now have a single point of failure; phone gets lost, stolen or goes kaput. One is, as they say a bit screwed.
  • The potential for proximity permission and the notion that my phone, a device with multiple ‘me factors’ could become a pass to a multitude of experiences. 

But, whilst you may wonder why I am keen to post this entry. It may be worth knowing that I did also print the original ticket as a backup. Such is my trust of technology.


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