Social media penetration (so far so good) ...

Social media is a fascinating beast, noting how different souls engage with different platforms. I am in the throes of an unintended personal thought experiment. Which if I had given a little more thought to, could have doubled up as some half-reasonable research.

In a self imposed beta, I am using social media to help support the delivery of an online module at the Open University. I can see how some souls choose to engage with different platforms, and with this see how their style of engagement differs.

From the extreme to the sublime and diverse intervening range, the exchanges are fascinating. Some seem to lack any concept of ‘appropriate’; others extend the sum total of knowledge. I have one who favourites all tweets, another who likes every Facebook post.

I have not yet, worked out which posts are ‘killers’ vs ‘deadbeats’, but I have noticed how some unexpected themes generate multi-platform interest.

As far as penetration goes, we are a long way off; currently the figures stand at:
  • ·      Twitter: 79 followers (active since May 2013)
  • ·      Google+: 60 have the OUCisco page in their circles since Oct 2013
  • ·      Blog: 4196 impressions since June 2013
  • ·      Facebook: 68 page likes since Oct 2013
  • ·      LinkedIn: 229 group members (since May 2013)

Using HootSuite scheduling, our own internal mail mailing system, some RSS integration as well as some ad hoc messages. I am getting a feel for how the followers are being found. What must be considered is how I may be attracting those who are not current Open University students. Where the LinkedIn group seems to have the best penetration.

Meanwhile, one is twittering away.


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