Pervasive bits of data …

Having spent time in AfricaLand, I begin to appreciate how good our data service is in the UK. We moan that our service may not be as good as Finland or Singapore. We continually chide that other European nations may steal the march on us.

But when I visited a college that is successfully serving 4000 students and may have around 800 on campus at any moment. The feedback was different; when I shared that I enjoy a contended 120-megabit connection at home. They lamented that this was probably better than their uncontended 35-megabit pipe linking the campus to their nations backbone.

In some ways they still have a way to go in understanding how to manage the services they have. In other aspects, they are handcuffed by what their telecommunications company is willing to provide.

Yet we complain when unable to download videos of fluffy kittens. 


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