Packet Jam ... a LAN party with a difference

Ok, time for a different model on the Packet Tracer CIOTI (Cisco Internet On The Internet) ... I would like to get a small group of people interested in the notion of having a PT-Jam.

The concept is simple:
  • Get a bunch of people with laptops, make and operating system should not be an issue*.
  • Grab an old wireless access point; make it public if you wish (private if you prefer), but do not connect it to any external network
  • Make sure everyone has the same version of Packet Tracer (6.0 onwards would be great)
Now explore one of the two following scenarios:
  • One soul becomes the server and runs a local CIOTI instance. 
    • The rules are defined, with some mutual agreement on addressing.
    • Everyone can grow their own edge of the system according to personal rules.
    • Eventually per connections between edges can also be formed
  • Everyone is a hive and connections form by mutual consent
    • The network rules (who has what address, protocol etc) must be agreed.
    • Initial connections, from who to whom must be negotiated.
If you have time to complete both; ask the participants to compare experiences.

Naturally I am looking for willing participants.

*Before someone shouts -- you cannot have it on a Mac, please go here


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